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Denise Rose Hansen, Oskar Kohnen
Graphic Design: Lolli Editions with Modem Studio
Language: English
Published March 2018
Size: 110 x 180 mm, 150 g
Softcover, 140 pages + fold-out map
ISBN: 978-1-9999928-1-1
UK Distributor: Antenne Books 


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The allure of Palermo, Sicily flows from a strong cocktail of Liberty architecture, medieval markets, Sicilian carts and Byzantine mosaics. 



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The assorted treasure trove of the city is the result of Sicily’s unique geographical location as a 

European island located so far south that its closest neighbours are Tunisia and Malta. From the Greeks, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Vandals, the Byzantines, the Arabs, to the Angevins, the Vespers, the Spanish, the Bourbon kings, and, in more recent times, General Garibaldi and his attempt at unifying Italy during the Risorgimento, not to mention the Mafia’s continued subjugation, Palermo is deemed the most conquered city in the world.


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This year, Palermo is Italy's City of Culture and the host of the 2018 Manifesta, the nomadic European Biennial of Contemporary art. WALKING THROUGH PALERMO is thus a timely publication that fills the gap between highly specialised literature often not available in English and commercial guide books. In 33 sights, the book guides you to Liberty architecture, medieval markets, Sicilian carts and Byzantine mosaics, offering an overture to this most intricate of cultural capitals, where palm trees soar against Arab-Norman cathedrals and the severest churches have the plainest doors.