Walking Through Palermo

Beguiling, oblique, rebellious. The allure of Palermo flows from a strong cocktail of Liberty architecture, medieval markets, Sicilian carts and Byzantine mosaics, served with a dash of lemon and bright green pistachios. In 33 sights, Walking Through Palermo offers an overture to this most intricate of cultural capitals, where palm trees soar against Arab-Norman cathedrals and the severest churches have the plainest doors.

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  • Includes fold-out map
  • 140 pages
  • 18 cm × 10 cm, softcover
  • Published March 2018
  • ISBN 978-1-9999928-1-1
  • Design by Lolli Editions with Modem Studio
  • Text and concept by Denise Rose Hansen and Oskar Kohnen
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